Monday, 14 February 2011

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So, apparently, maybe - it seems he's not quite sure, or something - Buonarroti may have corresponded with Éléonore Duplay:

He writes to some friend of his I'm not familiar with called Lemaire 22 February 1830:

"[...] Voici un petit mot pour Madame Lebas avec qui je n'ai jamais correspondu, conséquemment elle ne connoît pas mon écriture. J'ai eu il y a trente ans des liaisons de bouche et par écrit avec son Frère; mais j'ai lieu de présumer qu'il n'aimeroit pas à se souvenir de moi; je crois que j'écris quelquefois à Eléonore; enfin essaie et si tu peux tirer de cette famille quelque chose qui puisse remplir mon objet ce ne sera pas peine perdue. [...]"

I don't even know what that means, it's so ambiguous. I mean, I know what he means when he says he's never corresponded with Élisabeth Le Bas, that's obvious, and I'm pretty sure he thinks Maurice Duplay fils wouldn't be happy to hear from him because of the whole being-arrested-in-conjunction-with-the-Conjuration-des-Égaux issue, but there's nothing in the rest of the letter that makes it at all clear what he wants from the Duplays, and the line in bold above all makes no sense. What does he mean he believes he writes sometimes to Éléonore? It makes it sound like something he does on a regular basis and yet is unsure of having done. I'm so confused.

Anyway, apparently no one has ever gotten around to compiling Buonarroti's correspondence, so I suppose for the moment (if not forever, since there's no guarantee all his letters have survived) I'll just have to be in suspense. Now I really want to know what Buonarroti and Éléonore would be corresponding about though... (!!!)


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