Monday, 19 November 2007 23:17
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And now, since I know how traumatized you all must be after all of that (though I'm afraid it's not yet done), I've decided to regale you with an old drawing of Élisabeth with Philippe fils. Wherein she is in character, and therefore not a crazy psycho bitch. And yes, it really is Le Bas's baby. >__> Though I will admit I sort of failed at drawing it. -__-;

Oh, and something else I wanted to note: I don't remember whether this is mentioned in any of the excerpts or not, but in both A Place of Greater Safety and Jacobin's Daughter, Élisabeth is only seventeen when she marries Le Bas. Which would seem to prove the epic failure of their math skills, as the very least, since she was born in 1773 and married Le Bas in 1793. *facepalm* At least Williamson didn't do anything with it; Mantel seemed to think it further proof of Élisabeth's ebilness. *rolls eyes*
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I truly am sorry for inflicting this on you, but it's almost done, I swear.

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...But I'm posting it anyway. It will have to be in (at least) two parts, since despite the small part Éléonore plays in this book proportionately, it's rather... excessive vast.

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...Even if it's been more than a month. I have been rather busy though.

That said, a piece of advice: never blog-search A Place of Greater Safety--I found someone who read it upon the recommendation of... SIMON SCHAMA. *bangs head against walls* I must be crazily masochistic to have done so myself, but I figure it can't hurt to know what I'm up against... To sum: no one seems able to shut up about what a brilliant writer she is--which I will concede--and, what truly kills me, how accurate it is. 

In other words, the only bright point was someone who had read somewhere--probably hereabouts--to be wary of the characterizations of Saint-Just, Le Bas, and the Duplays. Sadly, it occurs to me that such warning are completely useless for most people, for the simple reason that they don't know who any of them are.

(As a side note, there is a pathetically high number of people who cannot seem to avoid the temptation to ask themselves the completely nonsensical question of "Why did the American 'Revolution' 'work' when the French Revolution 'degenerated into a bloodbath'?" Why indeed. Why is there a difference between, say, the English and American Civil Wars? After all, they're both civil wars, aren't they? And save us if we should ever use anything but the US as a standard for comparison. *headdesk*)

But I digress. I had meant this post originally to show my corollary--really just an earlier sketch of part of the idea--to [info]maelicia's more complete drawing, posted yesterday.

It's basically just random la Terreur/la Tallien. )


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