Wednesday, 21 April 2010 20:27
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I probably shouldn't be so amused by this. Or agree so much with the sentiment. Though I do find the selection a bit... interesting.

In other news, a Brutus/Cassius comm introduced me to this song, which is amazing and which I can't stop listening to. However, I actually think it works a lot better as unrequited (as it must be in canon) Enjolras/Combeferre (from the latter's point of view, of course). Especially since, while Brutus and Cassius can be called radicals by many definitions, it's kind of missing the point to call them revolutionaries. What do you think?

In other news, today is Parilia, aka Rome's birthday, according to Ovid. I have eaten far too much cake, courtesy of my Latin class. Though no spelt yet. I must remedy this. (I love celebrating holidays that are no longer celebrated, don't you? I also love parentheses, if you couldn't tell.)

I also really need a LM icon. Maybe more than one.


Monday, 3 November 2008 20:11
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Okay, so randomly, a few weeks ago, I got the urge to draw Maxime's mother, of all people. Don't ask me why, because I really have no clue myself. I haven't been able to post the drawing until now, for lack of a working scanner, but now I'd like the post it in four versions and see which of them you prefer. (I am myself rather indecisive, so whichever one you like best is the one I'm going to post to deviantart--I tried posting multiple versions there before, but I found that wasn't the best idea.)


Jacqueline Carraut Robespierre, take one. (This is the original, un-PaintShopped drawing.) )Version Two. 
This is the same drawing, emboss-burnt on PaintShopPro.    

 Version Three. )Version Three.
 This is Version One colored on PSP.

Version Four. )

In other news, school goes well. I haven't gotten anything but As so far, though, which is really starting to psych me out. :O (Not that I'm complaining.)

I'm also rather nervous about the elections here. I feel like I should have done more, especially since I can't vote. Ah, well, it's a bit late for that now. :/ If McCain wins the election, I'm going to seriously consider transferring to a university outside the US. Unfortunately, it's not too obvious where I would go... (France, even under Sarkoléon, would be better than here, but I don't know if I would be acceptable French university-student material. D:)
...In any case, let's hope it's not a problem I'll have to think about for a while yet.

Also, I'm very sorry not to have replied to a lot of posts lately. I've been horribly busy, but I will get to them when I can. D:
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(Since I have freshman orientation tomorrow morning.) But, before it's too late, I wanted to say:


(And have a little tricolor drawing of him. Which is not at all Symbolic. *nods*)

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...And especially of [profile] maelicia's birthday, a (admittedly somewhat sketchy) Maxime/Saint-Just drawing. I hope you like it!


Monday, 19 November 2007 23:17
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And now, since I know how traumatized you all must be after all of that (though I'm afraid it's not yet done), I've decided to regale you with an old drawing of Élisabeth with Philippe fils. Wherein she is in character, and therefore not a crazy psycho bitch. And yes, it really is Le Bas's baby. >__> Though I will admit I sort of failed at drawing it. -__-;

Oh, and something else I wanted to note: I don't remember whether this is mentioned in any of the excerpts or not, but in both A Place of Greater Safety and Jacobin's Daughter, Élisabeth is only seventeen when she marries Le Bas. Which would seem to prove the epic failure of their math skills, as the very least, since she was born in 1773 and married Le Bas in 1793. *facepalm* At least Williamson didn't do anything with it; Mantel seemed to think it further proof of Élisabeth's ebilness. *rolls eyes*


Monday, 19 February 2007 18:08
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....Or the return of the post with some form of original artistic content. >___< 

Also, do note the new lay-out. I still don't know if I really like it or not. My, but I'm indecisive today. -__-;

All other promised art will be forthcoming, I swear! (This includes the second installment of "Five Things that Never Happened to Eléonore Duplay," of course, despite the fact that my first attempt at writing it proved horribly emo indeed, and various allegorical artworks.) 

....Forgive me for any incoherence in the past lines, though, regrettably, I haven't the least excuse.
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Monday, 17 April 2006 22:03
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Being aware, of course, that I am several days late, I have in any case a picture of Lucile Desmoulins for her deathday: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/32000728/. (...Never mind that it didn't turn out quite the way I expected. Also, it's rather more morbid that my Camille.) That is all.

16 germinal

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:10
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Despite the fact that everyone and his grandfather is also doing it, and I'm not usually one to follow trends, a small tribute in picture form to Camille Desmoulins, on his deathday:

Poor Camille. His death was probably his own fault, but I can't help feeling sorry for him... *sighs* He just didn't know what he was getting himself into.
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I give you, THE BIRTH OF SAINT-JUST: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/31263980/ It's probably not what you think it is... *grins* Click the link and see!

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Monday, 20 March 2006 19:32
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Okay, randomness:

This guy Baudot wrote this line "in reproducing Charles Nodier’s description of the Festival of the Supreme Being, [and] he cuts the text of this last to the end where one reads: 'Error,' 'Lie,' 'False,' 'Not a word of truth,' 'All that is in the mind of Charles Nodier,'" etc. I found this hysterically funny, for some reason and thought I'd share (hence randomness). It's from Autour de Robespierre: Le Conventionnel Le Bas, by the way.

Also: The Walking Robespierre Plant. Very rare. Very fragile. Proceed with caution: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/30661846/

That last is for [livejournal.com profile] daughtermestizo.

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Saint-Just. Because I can.
Really, though, I'm quite proud of this drawing, since it a) took me forever to create, and b) managed not to suck quite so much as my other drawings.

That's really it.


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