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Monday, 19 December 2005 23:04
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Well, here I am again: I really ought to be packing for my trip to New York tomorrow, but I couldn't deal with it any longer, so was forced to make an attempt at a (short) entry.

Someone spilled the juice from an orange that was on a plate on the table on (one of) my biography(ies) of Robespierre. The irony is killing me.

In other news, Ariel will be gone to Singapore next semester, and I've spent the last, I don't know how long translating "Autour de Robespierre: Le Conventionnel Le Bas" from French into English and making a power point presentation on characters (non-fictional) who will be appearing in my novel. I really need to make an outline for that.

I do hope tomorrow's trip goes all right. The last thing I need is to get into another row with my sister.


Partie-Socialiste: I just finished Quatre-vingt-treize by Victor Hugo. I won't give anything away, but it really has a sad and moving ending. And speaking of sad and moving, I am reminded that I need to read some Zola. Perhaps Lolotte will lend me her copy of The Debacle.
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On this page, I write my last confession... just kidding. Seriously, though I ought to write what I normally write to my sister here, as she doesn't answer anyway.

So I will, for lack of any better ideas, quote my last letter to her:

Lucile :

Ce bouquin--celui d'Emile Zola--qu'est-ce que le titre?

This book--the one by Emile Zola--what is the title?

Je trouvais un site sur France ; peut-etre ca t'interesse? : http://www.understandfrance.org

I found a site on France; perhaps it will interest you?

C'est tres interessant. Je veux regarder <> pour comprendre ce qui se passe dans les banlieues de Paris et des autres ville francaises...

It's very interesting. I want to see "La Haine" now to understand what has been going on in the "suburbs" of Paris and other French cities...

Je te manque beaucoup!

I miss you very much!

Vertu et egalite,


P.-S. : Un excerpt de "Le Bourgeois sans-culotte ou Le spectre du parc Monceau" par Kateb Yacine :

An excerpt from "The Bourgeois Sans-Culotte ou The Specter of Park Monceau" by Kateb Yacine:



Un spectre hante la France, le spectre du parc Monceau, le spectre de Robespierre, l'intrus, le mal-aime, le malfame, l'incontournable.

A specter haunts France, the specter of Park Monceau, the specter of Robespierre, the intruder, the badly-loved, the defamed, the uncontrollable one.

(On entend a nouveau le cri de mort de Robespierre)

(Robespierre's death-cry is heard anew)

Un spectre hante la France. Le spectre de Robespierre frappe a sa porte depuis deux siecles. Il n'a pas eu d'enfance, pas de jeunesse, pas de femme. Sa femme, c'etait la Republique.

A specter haunts France. The specter of Robespierre has knocked at her door for two centuries. He has not had a childhood, nor a youth, nor a wife. His wife, she was the Republic.



Republique, es-tu la?

Republic, are you there?

Entre la Republique : l'actrice qui fut Eleonore.

Enter the Republic: the actrice who was Eleonore.



Quelle Republique? La premiere? Elle est morte d'un coup d'Etat militaire que tu voyais venir en la personne de Bonaparte.

Which Republic? The first? She died from a military coup d'Etat that you saw come in the person of Bonaparte.

Entre Napoleon. Apres un tour de danse avec Eleonore, il quitte la scene, remplace par Petain, puis par de Gaulle.

Enter Napoleon. After a turn of dancing with Eleonore, he quits the scene, replaced by Petain, then by de Gaulle.



La deuxieme Republique? Elle est morte etouffee, entre deux empires. Et la troisieme fut victime, une fois de plus, d'un militaire, le marechal Petain, qui la sacrifia sous la botte nazie.

The second Republic? She died suppressed, between two empires. And the third was the victim, one time more, of a military man, the marshal Petain, who would sacrifice her under the nazi boot.



Republique, es-tu la?

Republic, are you there?



Quelle Republique? La quatrieme? Elle fit ses premiers pas avec un autre (encore un autre) militaire, le general de Gaulle. Il n'hesita pas a la supprimer, pour fonder, a son tour, la cinquieme Republique, nee de la guerre d'Algerie. Ainsi la Republique fut souvent renversee, d'un militaire a l'autre. Mais toujours elle se releve, avec le souvenir de son premier amant : Maximilien Robespierre.

Which Republic? The fourth? She took her first steps with another (yet another) military man, the general de Gaulle. He would not hesitate to suppress her, to found, in his turn, the fifth Republic, born of the war in Algeria. In such ways, the Republic was often overthrown, by one military man or another. But always she would rise again, with the memory of her first lover: Maximilien Robespierre.

Les militaires quittent la scene. Eleonore et Robespierre s'embrassent longuement, puis s'eloignent dans l'ombre.

The military men quit the scene. Eleonore and Robespierre kiss at length, then remove into the shadows.


I bet you've never been the Republic before.

I feel special;)


Salut a tous.......





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My sister makes no sense... while it is likely that Grantaire is in love with Enjolras, I am assured that Enjolras harbors no like feelings for Grantaire... it says as much in canon anyway.

But what am I on about? I myself am in confusion... knowing nothing about him, I had loved Enjolras among Les Amis, but no find myself in preference for Combeferre, on account of his character, which is much like my own. So now, with thorougly no idea who I am, for I can no longer be Patria, I am at a loss until I discover the name of Combeferre's mistress. Until then...

You're... "One Day More"

Another day, another destiny / I did not live until today / One more day before the storm...

You are deep, complex, varied, and wonderful. Although at times it's hard to figure out what you're talking about.

What's Your Les Miz Themesong?

-Estelle Levis
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Oops... I forgot one teensy thing... My annoying sister has had a psychological breakdown and is staying here for the semester (ugh!).

Also, Santina just called and she can't go hiking today, which means I'm stuck going just with by Dad (and dog). Just GREAT. I'm sorry... what was I trying to say?

In other news... I'm switching down from the impossible class that is Geom/Alg2a! Yay! And if I didn't do well on my French final I'm going to kill myself!!! [try not to take that too literally]


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Which Les Miserables Character Are You?


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