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Hello everyone! I really should be doing my homework right now (and walking the dog, and cleaning my room), but I thought a nice journal entry would be more entertaining. And I was right, wasn't I?

I know I can't take credit for this, but I don't remember where I got it from... just remember that it's not mine:

And now for a few words from our sponsor:

*sigh* Good Afternoon.

Allow me to clear up a few misconceptions:

1. I am NOT going to go to bed with you... I don't like girls that way.

2. I don't like boys that way, either. Probably. (Crossed out with red marker)
Even if I did, I would not be sleeping with Grantaire. I can't stand him.

3. I do not wear outlandish articles of clothing. That's Prouvaire.
Nor do I carry firearms everywhere I go.

4. If I thought building a barricade would result in certain death,
I wouldn't do it. I'm a revolutionary, not a suicidal maniac.

5. Things that are beneath my dignity:
Temper Tantrums.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

-Enjolras, of the SPCABC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Les Amis).

Salut, Now!

-Estelle Levis
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My sister makes no sense... while it is likely that Grantaire is in love with Enjolras, I am assured that Enjolras harbors no like feelings for Grantaire... it says as much in canon anyway.

But what am I on about? I myself am in confusion... knowing nothing about him, I had loved Enjolras among Les Amis, but no find myself in preference for Combeferre, on account of his character, which is much like my own. So now, with thorougly no idea who I am, for I can no longer be Patria, I am at a loss until I discover the name of Combeferre's mistress. Until then...

You're... "One Day More"

Another day, another destiny / I did not live until today / One more day before the storm...

You are deep, complex, varied, and wonderful. Although at times it's hard to figure out what you're talking about.

What's Your Les Miz Themesong?

-Estelle Levis
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Les Miserables is a depressing book, and a depressing musical. I'm reading it (the book) and listening to it (the musical), and therefore, am very depressed. To repeat an earlier statement: I LOVE LES AMIS! (especially Enjolras). And I figure one more (probably not the last though), quiz can't hurt...

You're Bahorel!
You like nothing better than to stir up trouble. Inexplicably enough, your parents dote on you anyway. You have a constitutional aversion to lawyers.

Which Barricade Boy Are You?

Hmm... interesting; I shall have to find out more about this "Bahorel" that I supposedly am... Yes...

-Estelle Levis
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Oops... I forgot one teensy thing... My annoying sister has had a psychological breakdown and is staying here for the semester (ugh!).

Also, Santina just called and she can't go hiking today, which means I'm stuck going just with by Dad (and dog). Just GREAT. I'm sorry... what was I trying to say?

In other news... I'm switching down from the impossible class that is Geom/Alg2a! Yay! And if I didn't do well on my French final I'm going to kill myself!!! [try not to take that too literally]


I'm Eponine!
Spunky, resourceful, and fearless, I don't take a lot of guff from the world, and sometimes I'm kind of freaky. Secretly, though, I just want to be loved in spite of my attitude and my goofy hat.

Which Les Miserables Character Are You?
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Not much to report... I never see Alexei, Santina is supposed to call be by 10:30, Sarah and Giovanna have been pretty nice lately, I'm reading Les Mis and need to get a recording of the musical NOW! (or I shall die), and I'm done with finals at last!

You're Enjolras/Combeferre!
Your profile:
You have the appeal of being both balanced and affectionate. You're quite possibly the ideal relationship, even if you don't get much attention.

Example story: Flames

Which Les Miz Slash Pairing Are You?

So... Vive la belle France et au revoir!

-Estella la la (Estelle Levis)


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