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In which �lisabeth and Le Bas are finally married. )

[2] National Archives, A. B., XIX, 179 (gift of Le Bas).

[3] National Archives, A. B., XIX, 179 (gift of Le Bas).

[4] Collection Le Bas.

[5] Excerpt from the Minutes of the Convention, XIX, p. 136.

[6] The famous painter.

[7] Among the decisions of the Committee of General Security ordering coercive measures, I have found very few bearing Le Bas’s signature. (See notably National Archives., F74435.)

[8] Louis Blanc: History of the Revolution, IV, page 376.


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So last time, as you may or may not remember (it's been so long now, after all), I said I hadn't yet translated chapter six. I lied; not only have I translated it (sometimes badly, admittedly), I already posted it quite some time ago. It can be found through the tag "That Book About Le Bas." I may post a revised version of the chapter some time in the future, if anyone expresses an interest in reading it.

In the meantime, I give you...


Chapter IV )

[2] Collection Le Bas.

[3] The year is not indicated; it is obvious that this note dates from 1847.

[4] Pushing to the farthest limits exactitude of details, the corrector substitutes, for example (placard 6), for the somewhat summary description of Robespierre’s bed “this room…contained only a bed of blue and white striped serge,” the following indication: “…A walnut bed covered with blue damask with white flowers which came from a dress of Mme Duplay’s.” Lamartine conformed his text to Le Bas’s version, but he suppressed these last words: the poetry bucked before realist accuracy.

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I may be able to do more translating/writing/art/etc. around here now, since I've finished my last major exam as of yesterday. (It was Art History, by the way, and it wouldn't have been so bad if one of the major essay questions hadn't been on art after 1960. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find anything to write about for that one, but I managed to scrape something together. >__>) Then again, I still have projects and other things, so it might be another month or so yet. :/

In other news, has anyone encountered this site? It seems to be fairly new... And it has, among other things, a rather impressive bibliography of works on Saint-Just.

And Again!

Saturday, 12 April 2008 11:17
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(I really ought to catch up on this, after all, shouldn't I?) By the way, one of Le Bas's most famous (pre-Thermidor) lines is in this post; see if you can find it.

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Not another one! WTF, seriously.

...In other, less pathetically stupid news:

I hate this post-length limit. D:< Because of it--not me--the footnotes will be posted seperately.
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*bangs head against walls* Shall I refer you to my icon?

Okay, so that wasn't actually the point of this post, but it really annoyed me. You'll find the really point of this post a lot less so I think. 

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I'm afraid the translation isn't quite perfect, but so it goes... Part Six. )


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