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So I don't know why I keep doing this, but yesterday was Babeuf's 249th birthday. So, um,

Joyeux anniversaire, Babeuf !

I suppose next year will be more important anyway.

In other news, I was too sick to audition for "Candide" today. I'm rather depressed about it, because I had been working on my audition peace all semester. Oh well. At least this way I'll be able to join one of the Baroque Ensembles. And actually *see* Candide, which I wouldn't be able to do if I had actually gotten into the chorus (there's no way in hell I would have gotten a role, I should point out). I also found out that the reason we don't generally do operas in the Historical Performance department (minimal funding aside) is our lack of a prof for baroque oboe....Which we don't have because our current modern oboe prof has some petty grudge against the most likely candidate. It's all so stupid, I have no words.

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, however, since I have gotten through my Latin test in one piece (though I don't think I did very well--there were more than 400 lines we had to know and I just couldn't do it) and written the first draft of my next French paper.

This was the prompt:

Comparaison entre l'amour héroïque dans Le Cid et l'amour tragique dans Phèdre - Comparez les effets de l'amour dans ces deux pièces. Explorez un peu la vision du monde qui sous-tend les deux pièces : le volontarisme de Corneille, qui vient de sa formation chez les Jésuites ; le pessimisme de Racine qui résulte de sa formation janséniste.

Pretty annoying, right? Anyway, I'll still have to do quite a bit of revising to integrate that last piece into the paper a bit more, but at least most of the hard work is done.

I'm going to visit relatives in New York for Thanksgiving and then see "Acis and Galatea" in Boston so I may continue to be relatively absent again starting Thursday, but we'll see, I suppose.

Also, if anyone remembers the stupid LRF and Danton fanvids that [ profile] maelicia found a while back, it seems the person who made them has (mirabile dictu) managed to find a worthwhile use (perhaps the only one) for the two films: parody videos.

Here are a few examples:

Er, one of these days I really will post more excerpts from That Book About Le Bas, I swear.
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...Some of them are just amusing/bemusing. Try this one, for example. They really seem to have picked the wrong kind of tart, don't they? Or take the logo of the École Robespierre in Nanterre. I'm not yet sure whether that qualifies as cute or creepy looking. Either way though, it's good that he at least has this little elementary school named after him.

As for me, things are not going well. I was going to have an audition today, but I have yet another cold, once again precluding my taking voice lessons with a professor. And I feel sure I would have done well in this audition. I'm half being to think there's some kind of conspiracy going on to stop me from singing. In other news, I've dropped Roman History in favor of Calculus. I kind of regret not giving the class more of a chance, if only to see to what extent I may have been exaggerating the professor's tendencies to myself (see previous post). But, alas, Calculus meets at the same time. So much for that.

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...And I may well have broken my ribs coughing (the x-ray has not come back yet), since it is Maxime's 251st birthday, I have made him another plaque:

Aww, Maxime. ♥


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I've finally finished my paper on the legal emancipation of the Jews in France and the German states. For a paper in which I got to discuss the Revolution, it was surprisingly dull. But it's done now. And my birthday is next Thursday! :D

Also, though, I've been sick since Spring Break and I still can't sing. I'm definitely going to Student Health tomorrow to try to get antibiotics, because this is not cool. I'm auditioning for the opera in a week for crying out loud!

Er, but anyway, have the next scene of "Brutus et Cassius." Because I know how fascinating you all find it. -_-;


Act I Scene III )

Finally, a few items concerning my "Rome" exco:
1. The same actor who played Robespierre in the 1998 Scarlet Pimpernel plays Lepidus in Rome. Color me disturbed.
2. I can't express how fully awesome I think it is that Octavius is being potrayed as a psychopath. Ruthless and creepy: it's a winning combination for the portrayal of someone who founds an empire on the ruins of a republic, imho. That loveable fellow in "I, Claudius" didn't fool me for a second.
3. It's not as bad as I thought it would be watching the series with all the republicans being dead. In fact, it's much less anxiety producing, since I hate all the remaining characters and don't care when bad things happen to them, because they all deserve them. Well, except the children, but I would say that's a standard disclaimer. :/
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I've been rather ill for the past couple of days. I won't go into detail, as I know that will interest no one, but suffice it to say that I've been unable to do anything whatsoever--not even check my email. >__> I don't really have anything interesting to add, except that I will respond to any and all comments and emails as soon as possible.


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