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While I have not managed to post every representation of Éléonore in literature that exists, much less every one that I have on hand (I left out most of the French novels and plays because most people would not understand them and I didn't have time to translate), this last post represents the complete collection of such excerpts that I have been able to find in English, so if you can't find it here, given all the combing through libraries, bookstores, and online sources that I've done, it's probably extremely rare. (That is, unless I've forgotten something, which, I suppose, is entirely possible. If I've left anything--in English, obviously, since I've already mentioned why there's not much French in this compilation and I can't read any other languages for the time being--out that you know of, it would be of interest for me to know, whatever the reason.)

The Snow Palace

Pam Gems



Page 14

[…] there is the sound of a woman laughing, low, on the P/A.


STANISLAWA paces, sipping. The WOMAN laughs again, closer. Further off a man begins to protest mildly.


ROBESPIERRE: (Voice-over.) Not now, Léo… no, no, no!... Eléonore!


The WOMAN’s laughter, low and close and seductive.


STANISLAWA: (Voice-over.) Oh we know what You think, my dear Robespierre!


She imitates his dry voice and precise diction, goes to her table.


STANISLAWA: (Voice-over.) “Manifestations of love during the daylight are in the worst possible taste!”


ROBESPIERRE: Did I say that?


STANISLAWA bends over the table, writing rapidly.


ROBESPIERRE: (Laughs gently.) Fine principles from a fit man. From a weak wreck, less persuasive.


STANISLAWA: On the contrary, my dear, you’re obviously recovering. Alas.


ROBESPIERRE: You’d rather have me on my back?


STANISLAWA: Eléonore, sadly – At least I see you then. (Looks at the page, pencil between her teeth.) … at least I see you then… I see you then… (Chews the end of the pencil.)


ROBESPIERRE enters in a dressing gown.


ROBESPIERRE: My poor Eléonore…


At the loving concern in his voice STANISLAWA half-turns in her chair with an involuntary spasm of anguish. She pulls and ugly face, dismissing the feeling.


ROBESPIERRE: My dear. I’m sorry. (A groaning sigh.) I really believed it. A year of intense revolutionary work, then back to privacy and you… instead of which… (ROBESPIERRE exits.)


Page 16

STANISLAWA: (Through her teeth.) Not… important. (Released, her mind drifts back to her work.) Not important. (A sudden decision.) Get her off. (She picks up her pencil, bends over the page, mutters to herself.) Farewell, Eléonore.

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Date: Thursday, 20 December 2007 22:43 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Not a reply to this post in specific, really, but I just wanted to thank you for typing up all of this - definitely can't have been easy work. They've all been very interesting reads ("interesting" taking on different connotations, of course, depending on the work at hand o.o)

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Date: Friday, 21 December 2007 00:04 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're quite welcome--After all, it wasn't as bad as it sounds like it might be, and I figure that, since I have access to these books and many people don't, it's good to share the information. (Because you can never have to much of that, of course.) And yes, I understand that they're interesting in different ways, don't worry. XD


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